Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Types of hearing aids

If something is buzzing, humming, blowing, roaring or ringing in the ears, you might be suffering from the hearing defect such as tinnitus or anything else. If it happens with you, do not wait for the disease to go to the next level. It is advisable to rush to the doctor or ear specialist who can give you proper guidance. If he asks you to use hearing aid, ask him the details regarding the same.

These days there are lots of brands of hearing aid. Moreover, there are different styles according to the type of defect. Let us have a look at the different styles one by one. Here we go...
  • Completely in the canal: It fits inside the ear canal and therefore is least noticeable. It improves the hearing loss in adults. It uses small batteries and easy to use with telephone.
  • In the canal: It has all the features of the ‘completely in the canal’ and but the difference is that it partly fits in the ear and may not fit the small ears.
  • Receiver in canal
  • In the ear: It fills the outer ears, bigger than the canal aids and fits most of the ears. They are easier to handle and has volume controlling features.
  • Behind the ear: This is the most visible one that rests behind the ear and hooks on the top of the ear. They are mostly used by old people. It is used for all types of defects and amplifies the sound better than the rest.
I hope you have understood the above mentioned styles of the hearing aids. Choose the right one as suggested by your doctor. Good luck!

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