Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How will you know if your kid has a hearing defect?

Hearing loss in children is a major issue to be dealt with as soon as possible. Focus on how to improve hearing, but also find out the causes of hearing loss. Kids are too small to detect the defect on their own and let parents know about it. It is parents who have to take care of their kids. They are the first one who will come to know if their children are suffering from the hearing loss.
causes of hearing loss

The symptoms vary with the age, so let us find out the signs for both the age groups of children; below as well as above two years. Let us have a look at both of them one by one. Here we go...
  1. Signs for the kids below two years:
If your baby keeps on crying and does not do these things, he/she should be taken to the ear specialist urgently.
  • Wake up if there is a large sound
  • Smile or respond to your voice
  • Turn eyes hearing familiar voice
  • Notice the sound of the toys
  • Understand and act for normal words like hi and bye
  • Repeat sounds or words you try to make him/her speak
  • Signs for the kids above two years:
Your child:
  • Does not respond when you call
  • Behaves in the different way than other children of the same age
  • Is not able to understand what you are trying to say
  • Itches ears and keeps complaining about the pain in the ears or headache
  • Does not reply well to your questions
  • Turn the T.V. volume very high every time they watch it
The above mentioned signs can be the symptoms of hearing loss, but there can be other reasons too for the same.


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