Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Choose the correct device and get relief from Tinnitus

Tinnitus is one of the most prevalent problems of the ear. There are many different forms and manifestations of tinnitus and many different reasons behind it.

One of the most common reasons causing tinnitus is a high frequency hearing loss in the frequency region 8 – 14 kHz.

Our central auditory centres in the brain are designed to receive sounds in a frequency range from 20 – 20 kHz.

If due to a hearing loss the brain is deprived of auditory input in this frequency range over long periods of time. The brain might substitute these missing sounds with sounds it creates centrally. This is akin to phantom pain, which amputees sometimes feel.
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These sounds might than be triggered due to so called triggers into consciousness, which we know as tinnitus.

Commonly people assume that there is no real long-term help for tinnitus. A novel approach from the Australian Company Neuromonics now provides tinnitus relief. Neurominics does not use hearing aids for tinnitus.

It offers a full systematic approach to the problem, treating the underlying cause of high frequency auditory deprivation as well as offering relief. At the basis of the treatment is a thorough audiological evaluation, tinnitus evaluation and an exhaustive questionnaire. The audiological evaluation establishes if and of what nature a possible hearing loss is. The tinnitus evaluation measures the intensity and perceived frequency of the tinnitus. Finally the questionnaire is there to assess the impact of the tinnitus on the patient’s life.
Based on this information a customized program is created.

The program consists of 4 track of music, which is highly individualized to each patients hearing loss. By listening to this music the patients deprived auditory system is presented with the missing auditory input removing the original cause of the tinnitus.

At the same time a masking sound matching the patients Tinnitus is embedded within in the music. This masking sound will provide immediate relief for the patients as it renders the tinnitus inaudible whenever one listens to the music.

Over time the system will vary the intensity of the masking signal every few seconds allowing the tinnitus to be audible and inaudible in a few seconds’ intervals.  This process will desensitize the brain to the conscious perception of the tinnitus and invariable lead to a perceived permanent reduction in perceived tinnitus.

The initial treatment typically takes 6 – 8 month. During this time the patient has to listen each day to the music 2- 4 hours.

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